The Uncle Says: Thank you everyone for a successful first club race.





It is with a heavy and sad heart that Avion Raceway will need to find new owner/s rather soon. Since Allan Dyer's Stroke in June 2017 and other minor obstacles in 2018 he will not be able to go back and carry on the running of Avion Raceway. Please can you all assist in getting the word out that we are actively looking for someone to take over Avion Raceway. This will entail the purchasing of all assets and remaining stock. If the person/s interested could please make an offer before end October 2018. If no offer is put on the table we will have no other option but to close the doors of Avion Raceway. Your assistance in getting new owners will be highly appreciated. If anyone needs more information or is interested please contact Anthea Bossert on 082 856 2031 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.